How to Factory Reset iPhone 5s Without iTunes Easily

Sometimes, the user of iPhone 5 will ask about how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iTunes to solve something. Don’t you know that some of the major problems on iPhone 5 have a solution through factory reset only?

Highlight of how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iTunes

The factory reset is the condition where the phone will be set as it is. It means that you will make the phone’s condition just like when you first time to touch it. As its name, it means to bring all the phone settings into factory’s set.

factory reset iphone 5s

It is useful because can help several problems. Resolve phone’s malfunction is the first reason. There is some case where the solution of the phone’s problem that can be solved by the factory reset only. This factory reset will also help you to delete the virus and damage files.

The last, it will be useful to delete your personal information. Before you sell the phone, this factory reset method is a significant way that you should do.

Factory reset with password

It is the explanation on how to factory reset iPhone without iTunes is the one that uses the password. It is the simplest method that you will find to do the factory reset.

reset iphone 5s

To begin, you can start to go to the Settings menu. Then, scroll down until you find the General menu. The next step is to know the Reset menu.

reset apple phone 5s

After that, find the menu Erase All Content and Setting. Tap it and enter your password. Once you enter the right password, it will delete all of your data and restore the device setting. And done, you are successful in making it as it’s a new condition.

Additional information

Before you do that, make sure that you already back up the iPhone. You can use many things to back your data. As an example, you can return all of your files, documents, photos and videos in iTunes, iCloud or Google Drive.

Another app that you can use to back up is iOS Data Backup and Restore on the computer. By back the data up, you will not lose your necessary files if you successfully do this reset factory.

If you want to back up the data through iTunes, iCloud and Google Drive, you can find the option in your Settings menu. Find the backup and restore menu there. Now, you can follow the simple steps above on how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iTunes quickly.